Unify online and offline stores seamlessly with Mega-Retail POS
A scalable & easy-to-customize Omnichannel POS System to bring your Mega-Retail site to the physical world.

Make it comfortable to run a multi-channel retail

Change the way you run your business on Mega-Retail. Mega-Retail POS gives you all features you need to skyrocket revenue and productivity at your own speed.

Leverage your power

Progressive WebApp (PWA) transforms Mega-Retail POS with high performance and friendly interface. So you get paid faster from any devices.

Push your business beyond limits

Customize to bring your boldest POS ideas into life. Mega-Retail POS is open for personalization. Now your only limit is the sky.

POS features tailored to meet your needs, when you need them

Whether you have one store to focus on or run multiple at once, our POS scales with your business. So you can build the system you need now, and expand as you grow.

Sell more. Make more

Run up to 200 POS at once & Checkout an order in less than 10s (tested on 100,000 SKUs) with PWA technology. Now you’ll get paid faster.

Get real-time in-store inventory

Connect all your stores, e-commerce and warehouses to get updates without a click. Manual entry is now a thing of the past.

Give customers no excuse to pay you

Accept credit card, cash, gift cards, reward points, store credits or mix of everything. They can pay in multiple times too.

Build your loyal fanbase

Automatically reward customers on website or at the point of sale. They can use or send gift cards, reward points & store credits to their wish.

Purchase & track inventory in 01 place

Always know what you have left for sales and what are incoming. No more inventory shortage or over-selling.

Simplify order fulfillment

Add more fulfillment options while managing painlessly. Dropship to save storage cost. Or allow buying online & pickup in store.

Save dollars during expansion

Multiply your stores without limits. With just 01 product license, you can use on UNLIMITED users on UNLIMITED devices.

Customize POS to your growth

Design your own POS system. You can do it yourself with 100% open-source code. Or, to save time, count on our professional service.

Guarantee support for lifetime success

We provide companionship, not a one-shot deal. You not only get your solution set up but committed support to keep your business growing.