Solutions for Retail Industry

Reach more customers and deliver individualized experiences your customers can trust.

Leading the omnichannel revolution

Digital and retail silos have held back growth. While customers move seamlessly across channels, retailers often fail to leverage their digital business to drive in-store sales. Unlike other platforms, Create Tech delivers results in days through its ready-to-activate, industry-specific solution built on two decades of retail best practices.

Retail Dashboard Examples

Retail Stores Performance Dashboard

Create Tech’s retail store performance dashboard provides a complete overview of sales happening in brick-and-mortar stores located in different locations.

Retail Inventory Management Dashboard

This dashboard gives you an overview of inventory management in the retail industry that helps to manage right products at the right time in the right store…

Platform key capabilities

Customer Data Platform

Eliminates silos and unifies customer data through an open architecture and API.

Industry-specific Solutions​

Industry-specific analytics and use cases built into the platform.


Delivers true 1:1 customer personalization across all channels and devices.

Marketer-friendly AI

Integrates AI and predictive analytics with marketing execution to scale 1:1 personalization.