Mega-Retail POS System

A POS system optimized for Hong Kong retail stores


A comprehensive retail management solution

Facing vigorous competition among retail shops and chain department stores, using resources effectively and cost control become a very important factor to success. Mega-Retail provides complete operating data accurately and quickly, strengthens the relationship between the supply chain and customers, conveys the latest sales situation swiftly, and helps to grasp the pulse of the market to make appropriate strategies.

Multiple e-payment methods

Mega-Retail supports the electronic payment methods commonly used in Hong Kong, including Android Pay, Apple Pay, WeChat, Pay Alipay, EPS, Octoplus, UnionPay, Visa and MasterCard.

HKTVmall Orders Import function

Putting your products on HKTVmall is one of the most convenient ways to sell online. Mega-Retail provides HKTVmall Orders Import function, which allows you to do business 24-hours a day, increasing the turnover dramatically.

Frontend POS main Features

Help you fight the fakes

The Stock Pool function in Mega-Retail can automatically match a product’s serial number with all the serial numbers belonging to your company. The function is applicable to products using IMEI or unique serial numbers, such as electronic or expensive products. Frontline staff can easily identify the genuineness and save the reputation of your company.

Local training and support

Training programs are conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin or English. With hands-on demonstrations, we ensure your employees can master the system in the shortest time and start working as soon as possible. Moreover, our technical team also provides real-time technical support, system updates and debugging to minimize the business losses.

Backend Warehouse main Features

HK Trade Descriptions Ordinance compatible

The Hong Kong Trade Descriptions Ordinance requires complete and correct descriptions for products. Mega-Retail's label printing function lets you comply with the law with correct information, descriptions, and the origins of products.


Wholesale management

In addition to POS, Mega-Retail is able to make quotations, sales invoices, delivery arrangement, purchase return, accounts payable and receivable, etc. It is an integrated solution of wholesale and retail businesses

Coupon management

Optional coupon management module is available for handling the coupon’s expiration date, usage, and circulation. You have the full control of coupon to achieve your sales target

Maintenance management

For 3C customers, maintenance management module is the best tool to meet their needs. It includes customer maintenance orders, repair orders to the factories, maintenance status query, and item serial number tracking. Real-time status can be obtained easily, which directly optimizes the competitiveness of your company

Logistics management

Logistics management module can be added for goods delivery. It includes establishing delivery vehicle teams, master log for logistics routes, automatic delivery orders generation for sales, vehicles arrangement, and delivery results

Accounting and financial management

Mega-Account and Mega-Retail work together seamlessly to manage general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and provide accurate data analysis to facilitate decision making and let you know the business status

Membership management

Mega-Member and Mega-Retail work together seamlessly to manage membership. It includes member grading, special prices for members, bonus points, etc. Mega-Member effectively enhances the relationship between your company and customers

Mega Retail characteristics


Master-slave structure, highly flexible and extensible


Strict and multiple authority settings to prevent from data leaking


The scope of application can be expanded, improving the reusability and easy maintenance

Data integration

Unified database, real-time integration of multiple data sources, the ability of processing large amounts of data


Integration of system architecture and functions, ensuring system’s sustainability