I.T. National Day Celebration – Tennis Competition 2016

I.T. National Day Celebration – Tennis Competition 2016

Information Technology National Day Celebration – Tennis Competition 6-Aug-2016 was completed, the weather was nice that tennis game can proceed smoothly. Create Tech Software System Team won the third place in this competition, thanks to the efforts of our teammate, they were showing a healthy life balance and positive sport spirit. Create Tech is now encourage you to build a healthy habit from daily workout routine.

Benefits of Tennis

More and more studies confirm that exercise can prevent cancer disease by exercise one hour per day or exercise half an hour of high-intensity (such as running, tennis, etc.). Tennis is a high-impact exercise, regular tennis beneficial to cardiovascular health, not only to speed up the metabolism, can also increase bone density, body flexibility and coordination, and even further cultured mind, enhance stability, personal stress and anxiety management can also help.

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